4th District Congressional Debate – McClintock and Derlet – 10/4/2016

Auburn Chamber of Commerce hosted a debate between incumbent 4 term Congressman Tom McClintock and challenger emergency medicine doctor Bob Derlet. The candidates were articulate and direct and the debate made clear the differences between the candidates. I hope you will watch the debate, provided on YouTube by Auburn Community Television, and share on your social media outlets to promote informed voting! I was privileged to serve as the moderator for the debate and hope it is useful to you.

Auburn City Council Candidate Debates September 28, 2016

5 candidates, including 2 incumbents, are competing for 2 four year terms on the Auburn City Council. In this 99 minute debate, candidates declare positions on many issues of concerns to Auburn City residents, from road repair to public safety. This debate was sponsored by the Auburn Chamber of Commerce, the League of Women Voters and the American Association of University Women. I was privileged to be a moderator on behalf of Chamber. Watch the entire debate on YouTube courtesy of Auburn Community Television.

Housing Bubble 2.0?

Higher interest rates and higher prices don’t mix, according to this article in First Tuesday Journal.In “Are we in for another housing bust?” Author Jeffrey Marino argues that today’s higher prices can’t, and shouldn’t, remain. Only when employment and wages rise will significant numbers of buyers be able to support mortgages on homes at todays prices.

I have argued for some time that the declining purchasing power of middle class families will continue to suppress the California real estate market in most locals. This effect is being felt now as the anomalies of a manipulated market return to fundamentals. Hang on for a bumpy 2014-2015 as artificial stimulants like buyer incentives and unsustainable low rates are phased out.

A Different Perspective on Minimum Wage Debate

According to a poll by the Small Business Majority, most small business folks favor an increase in the minimum wage. The respondents believe that an increase in the minimum wage will not only stimulate the economy, but also ring their cash registers as cash-strapped consumers spend their increased income in local small businesses. Read the article here and please comment with your thoughts.