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Now that Tax Season is over, I wanted to report on some of the neatest things I saw as we prepared returns for clients this year.  Honestly, the ways sharp folks found to make money in the unprecedented world of social distancing and a pandemic is nothing short of amazing, and I wanted to share them, especially if you’ve been a little stuck in regards to income, career, and full-time work.

Even if you never taught school a day in your life, I’ve seen a lot of people using tutoring to make ends meet.  It might be daycare level teaching, or college level, but the simple fact is this:  students need help because the schools aren’t giving it to them.  I’ve seen rates from $15/hour all the way to $80/hour this last year, depending on a lot of factors, but there’s more work than ever as the institution of school has fundamentally changed.  The best part?  Technology allows you to do this virtually, so there is little added expense for commuting. 

I was also surprised at how many people did so well selling other items.  Now, some did this by hauling off unwanted items, some did it by cleaning their own house and attic.  Either way, it’s put money in their hands and made things better for the people who were tidying up their homes and yards.  Maybe you’re looking at this in terms of scrap metal, or junk removal, or simply cleaning out other people’s house and garages.  The end result is happy people.  Period. 

Another unique – and surprising – thing we saw this year was home rentals.  Second homes which might usually have been AirBNB rentals were being rented for longer periods and often directly by the owner with no middleman handling the exchange.  It seems weird, but I think the real reason is simple:  whole families were home and/or working remotely, so they opted to take a longer vacations in places they viewed as safer.

Of all the fun gigs I saw, though, my favorite is still dog walking.  I’ve mentioned this before, but I once met a woman who made over $100,000 annually walking other people’s pets.  With so much emphasis placed on social distancing and keeping those at risk out of harm’s way, folks who are looking to get exercise and make some extra money can turn a tidy profit with Fido in tow. 

These are some easy ways to create more income, so put on your thinking cap and get busy!

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