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Giving you peace of mind in all your legal needs

Your peace of mind is our mission…

With many years of experience in law, we have numerous other areas of legal service that we can provide for you.

Business – We are all about the bottom line…

Are you a start up with a need for incorporation, guidance and coaching? We can help.

Have you been struggling and could use a turnaround expert? We have one.

Need support with an exit strategy? We can do that.

Is it time for a reorganization bankruptcy? We are here for you.

Social Security – It’s not an easy system to navigate…

Do you feel overwhelmed in trying to understand your options?  We get it.

Are you maximizing the benefits that you have earned?  We can help.

Is the runaround in dealing with the SS Administration making you dizzy?  We can step in.

Richard Hall, Attorney in Auburn, CA

Hello! I’m Richard Hall. Give me a call and I will work my hardest to give you peace of mind in all your legal needs.

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Real Estate – Richard is a Licensed California Real Estate Broker…

Are you dealing with a complex real estate or loan transaction?  We have solutions.

Issues with rental properties or tenants?  We produce great results.

Do you want to do a sale by owner and avoid the high commissions?  We can help.

Debt Relief – There’s always a way out – you just need to understand the options…

Credit cards, Medical issues, Student loans, Divorce, Business, Taxes?  We have answers.

Need credit rehabilitation?  We can show you the way.

Being hounded over credit and debt issues?  We are experts at negotiating for results.

Peace of mind in all your legal needs starts here.

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