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You may feel there is no way out of your financial problems, but help is available. If unmanageable debts burden you, let BottomLine Lawyers work for you. Our Sacramento County lawyers are always here to assist you in your relevant estate planning needs.

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BottomLine Lawyers provides legal assistance to individuals and businesses from the viewpoint of families and seasoned business professionals. With our 30+ years of experience in law, we’re capable of not only focusing on a single area of law but cater to the specific needs of our current client. We’re committed to discovering your bottom line and using our skills and experience to help you attain it.
If you are within the Northern California, our estate planning lawyer is capable of giving legal advice and handling practice areas as follows:

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Owe Back Taxes? In A Difficult Tax Litigation Situation? Need help with your Wills and Trust? Need assistance in Estate Planning? Have concerns with Business Law, Formation and Counseling? Our adept BottomLine attorney team is solution-driven and determined to help you accomplish YOUR objectives.
Every attorney owes every client a professional obligation of steadfast advocacy. Our attorney raises the bar on professional performance through its assessment protocol. We stand in our client’s shoes to assess their needs and desires. We bring an integrative, multi-disciplinary approach unlike bankruptcy, tax and foreclosure mills, by using our “outside the box” thinking.

Sacramento County Estate Planning Attorney


Estate Planning is a frequently misunderstood process.
At BottomLine Lawyers, we define estate planning like this: Having a strategy of caring for those you love when you are not available (temporarily or permanently) to make decisions.

Estate Planning

Writing a will, creating a revocable living trust, and preparing an estate plan are steps that we take to prepare for the time that death or disability prevents us from helping our loved ones.
Having those steps planned and written out will give you peace of mind and save your family and friends time, stress and expense when grieving for you. By following these steps, asset protection has never been easier.
Let us take the burden off of you and your family. You can trust our law office, as we will be there for your concerns.

Probate Law

The probate law is the legal process in which courts determine if an individual’s last will and testament are valid and applicable. These scenarios usually bring up real estate, inheritance, and other financial concerns related to a person’s demise. A probate attorney helps their client to ensure that the client’s assets are divided properly between different beneficiaries.
In a probate proceeding, the following are usually brought up for examination:

  • “Payable on Death” or “Transferable on Death” documents for the properties involved
  • Properties without valid titles.
  • Passing of inheritance, especially if the intended beneficiary is also deceased.

Without an estate plan or a document like living trusts or wills, issues in family law cases spike dramatically, which usually leads to improper distribution of property. With the help of an experienced California estate planning attorney in Sacramento County, we can provide guidance for the probate judge and save more of your real estate for your loved one.

The Rich History of Sacramento County

Gold Rush Era

When California became a hotspot for gold mining and trading in 1848, the Sacramento region instantly became a focus of industrialization, especially with gold-related professions like mining, pioneering, and the like. Because of this influx of people, Sacramento County was incorporated in 1850. It is one of the original 27 counties of California​. By 1854, the City of Sacramento became the capital of California.
Sacramento County has always been a region of innovation and community-building. Because of the Gold Rush, the area became a center of commercialization, with industries such as agriculture and supply distribution becoming a central part of its economy. The first transcontinental railroad began in Sacramento, forming the Central Pacific Railroad System. The area became a major transportation route linking the East and West Coasts.

20th Century Development

As automobiles became more popular in the 1900’s, commerce grew again. The construction of roads and bridges became a major economic development in the area. This resulted in another major link between the East and West United States with the creation of the Lincoln Highway.
The area also became a hotspot for aviation activities. After the First World War, a pilot training school was present in the county, along with an airfield. The area also became a factory for the bi-wing airplanes used during that war. After the war, many of those planes became civilian transport, and the aviation culture in the area was born. Today, the Sacramento County Airport System, which includes the Sacramento International Airport, is one of the largest airport systems in the area.

Tourist Attractions

Because of the area’s commercialization, there are lots of tourist attractions for everyone, from museums and zoos, to natural parks and theaters. Here are some of our suggestions!

California State Railroad Museum

Given the area’s rich connection with railroads, one of the most popular attractions in Sacramento is the California State Railroad Museum. Around half a million people go to the museum every year to discover the history of the railroad. Their main attractions include restored railroad cars, locomotives, and the Railway Post Office which visitors can experience to get a taste of the past.

Sleep Train Arena

The Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento has been the home of the Sacramento Kings from 1988 until 2016. Being the longest-running NBA Franchise, the Kings are a storied team, having won multiple NBA titles in the past.

Fairytale Town

For the kids in the family, Fairytale Town is a play area and children’s museum in Sacramento. Its goal is to bring all of your favorite nursery rhymes and fairytales to life. There are more than 25 different areas to play in, each reflecting a children’s story. Various animals are also present within the park such as Peter Rabbit and Mary’s sheep.

Sacramento River Delta

If you want an escape from the hustle and bustle of metro life, the Sacramento River Delta is only a few minutes away from the city center. Activities such as island hopping, fishing, and swimming are present in the area. You can also see families enjoying a picnic in this beautiful and majestic scenery. In summer, the waterways become an area for people who enjoy waterskiing, windsurfing and boating. It has also become a tourist spot, not only for the locals, but also tourists from Southern California and other states like Nevada and Oregon.

Consult with us with your Estate Planning Concerns

Being part of the rich history of Sacramento County, we want our law office clients to be able to enjoy the culture and amenities of the area without being bogged down by different financial concerns. With the help of our experienced attorneys, your issues with regards to bankruptcy, estate planning, trust administration, and tax planning can be managed.
There’s never a wrong time to begin thinking about your estate. Act today and rely on our esteemed attorney team to help you through our legal services and make it seamless and hassle-free. Schedule a FREE consultation with us to learn how we can help your estate planning process!

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