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Why You Can’t Ignore the Tax Collector

We know what you’ve been saying for years. “I’m fine! I don’t have to worry about that stuff! Nobody’s going to come after me if I don’t get my taxes done completely right every time. What’s the worst they could possibly do to me?” You thought that because you were only one of 13 million taxpayers in hock to the government it wouldn’t find you in Los Gatos, Milpitas, Cupertino or Los Altos, right? Well, you found out, didn’t you? Now you’ve got all sorts of problems. Maybe it’s a big fat tax lien on your property in Palo Alto, a pile of unpaid business tax bills in Sunnyvale, wage garnishments at your job in Mountain View or years of unfiled taxes. Whatever it is, the problem is big, it’s real, and the IRS wants you to deal with it right here and right now — and you don’t know the first thing about dealing with it.You’ve just learned a very hard lesson, haven’t you? The truth is that you ignore the tax collector at your own risk! Surprise, surprise: it turns out the tax collector is the most important creditor you have whether you live in Campbell or Cupertino. Why is that? No other creditor can take your paycheck, your cars, your business, your home, and, literally, the shirt off your back completely without hearing your side of the story. It doesn’t matter if you failed to deposit quarterly payroll taxes, treat your workers as 1099 contractors to save money, under report income or any other mistake — the government can put you out of business without a hearing if you bury your head in Los Altos or a high rise in San Jose. They can even charge you 100% penalties on some unpaid taxes, plus regular penalties and interest as well!Let’s face it: you could potentially be in some serious trouble. Wage garnishments, seized property, the whole nine yards — there’s a real danger of being in some serious financial distress if you don’t take the right kind of action. While the best way to prevent Uncle Sam from coming after you is to pay your taxes in the first place, we’re well past that at this point. Don’t worry, though: if you’re looking to stop IRS seizures, you’re not without options in Milpitas, Los Gatos, Fremont, Santa Clara, Palo Alto and points in between. The truth is that you don’t have to lose your livelihood — but you’ve got to act, and you’ve got to act now!

Tax Liens? Let the Tax Trouble Wizards Help You

Looking for help with tax lien removal or back taxes resolution? The Tax Trouble Wizard is here to assist you. Here’s how we can help!Do you have tax debt you can’t pay? Is a tax lien preventing you from making a transaction you desperately need? Don’t owe tax but the government says you do? Haven’t filed for years and you’re looking for a way out?Don’t panic! There’s help just around the corner from Fremont to Los Altos. Whether you’re looking for business tax relief help, a federal wage garnishment release, or an unpaid federal tax resolution, your peace of mind is right around the corner. The Tax Trouble Wizards are here for you in San Jose and environs, from Cupertino to Milpitas, Santa Clara and points in between, and we’re ready to work our magic and get you out of hot water with the IRS!

So How Do You Avoid IRS Seizures?

We get it. This situation is seriously scary, and that means you might be feeling panicked and unsure of what to do next. But there’s some good news for you on this front — whether you need business tax resolution help, federal wage garnishment help, or an unfiled tax returns resolution, you’ve come to the right place and it doesn’t matter if you’re in Mountain View, Campbell, Fremont, Sunnyvale or locales beyond. In fact, we’re the experts on getting you out of hot water with the taxman. We’re not called the Tax Trouble Wizards for anything, you know!Afraid because you haven’t filed tax returns for years? There are special rules that may help you — and we know what those rules are and how to call on them! Underreported your income? It’s not too late to avoid jail, especially when you’ve got us going to bat for you and protecting your interests from Palo Alto and Campbell to Los Gatos! Did your spouse incur tax responsibilities you didn’t know about? Forgiveness is possible, thanks to the knowledge and experience we have in helping countless others in similar situations to yours!We’re the tax lien experts for a reason — we’ve got the skills, knowledge, and expertise of an experienced tax resolution law firm to get you out of hot water. If, for example, you’re suffering under a tax lien in Cupertino or Los Altos, Mountain View or Santa Clara or Sunnyvale or ANY place in the US that’s preventing a home sale, refinance, purchase, or other transaction that you’re counting on because you owe more than you can imagine ever being able to pay, there are ways out from under this massive burden.  Put us to work and we’ll negotiate a way out on your behalf that restores your financial independence once again, freeing you from the grasp of the government’s tax collectors.

What We Do and Why We Do It

The federal tax system seems to get increasingly complicated every year. It’s not just your perception, either — the law changes constantly, and it takes someone with their finger on the pulse of tax law to understand these changes and how they might affect your lifestyle in Cupertino or Palo Alto or Mountain View or Sunnyvale or your livelihood earned in Fremont or Campbell or Milpitas or Los Gatos. You need specialized knowledge and experience to understand these convoluted tax schemes, and even then it’s all too easy to make honest mistakes because of just how dense and maze-like federal tax law has become over the years. As a result, it’s all too easy to file a comparatively straightforward document like personal income tax return incorrectly, to say nothing of the absolute labyrinth that is involved in filing business taxes!Meanwhile, once you have made a mistake, getting it sorted out can feel like it’s next to impossible. The IRS wants their pound of flesh, and Uncle Sam makes it sound like they’re not going to settle for anything less than every last single penny; in many cases, this can end up being the truth, even though there are ways around this (ways the government won’t tell you about)! You could end up paying a tax lien for decades if you don’t take some sort of action to clear it, and in the meantime, you’ll be stuck if you’ve got an important large-scale transaction pending such as the purchase of a new home or car.Living in fear of the taxman coming to collect is a miserable existence to be sure. But you don’t have to be trapped in a financial hell of your own making due to a mistake — not when you’ve got us in your corner. We know how challenging it can be to manage your tax responsibilities properly, and how difficult it is to get yourself out of trouble unaided. That’s why we do what we do; we’ve got a responsibility to use our deep knowledge of tax law and our years of experience in helping others escape the clutches of wage garnishment, unfiled taxes, and payroll tax debt. We’re here for you when no one else is.

The Business Tax Relief Specialist

If you need business tax relief help after running afoul of the Internal Revenue Service or EDD, you’ve come to the right place. We’re one business tax resolution law firm with the chops to get Uncle Sam or EDD off your back and get your Santa Clara or Campbell or Cupertino or Fremont or any business back on the road to being a source of income for you once more. Not only will we get the job done, but we’ll also get it done quickly — and all without costing you an arm and a leg in the process. That’s a personal promise we’ve made to our clients, time and again, over the years — and it’s a promise we pride ourselves on delivering on every time someone turns to us for help.You don’t have to take our word for it, though; let our actions speak louder than words. Just one meeting with a business tax relief lawyer in our offices and you’ll see exactly what sort of strategies we can use to ensure your tax debts are settled to the satisfaction of the IRS. We’ll get your circumstances sorted out in a hurry and to your satisfaction, making it easy for you to return to running a profitable business without the government breathing down your neck. In some cases, we can have you back in action and only paying pennies on the dollar on your existing business tax responsibilities. That’s the kind of success you can take to the bank!

Owed Tax Resolution Help for Your Darkest Hour

Things happen. No matter what the reason for it might be, sometimes we can go several years between filing taxes — and the longer it’s been, the more serious the circumstances can get when it comes to squaring up with Uncle Sam. We know how absolutely terrifying this prospect can be, and that’s why you can rely on us when you need unfiled tax return resolution to make this nightmare a thing of the past. With our help, you’ll be able to sleep well at night once more!We’ll work with you every step of the way when it comes to getting you back on track. We’re experts at advocating for your rights and negotiating a settlement with the IRS that you can afford in order to get you back in the government’s good graces. We’re known as the unpaid federal tax resolution experts for a good reason, after all — we’ll get your past squared away so that you can look forward to a positive future, one free from worry that your past mistakes will come back to haunt you even further than they have already.

IRS Garnishing Avoidance for Those Who Need It Most

Tax lien removal is no problem when you’ve got us on your side. If you’re suffering from a decrease in income that’s making living expenses unbearable or an important transaction impossible, you need federal wage garnishment release, and in a hurry. Call on us to go to bat for you and you’ll see just how quickly we can get those garnishments lifted, paving the way forward for you to return to financial independence and freedom.There’s a reason we’re known as the best at providing you federal wage garnishment help when you need it, whether you work in Los Altos, Mountain View or Los Gatos or some other beautiful California location. We’ve got a hard-earned reputation for getting results, releasing you from those feelings of powerlessness and anger as the government takes from you what you worked so hard to earn. Don’t turn to just anyone who promises they have what it takes to get those garnished wages returned to you — go with us and you’ll see why we’re the best!

Call for Help — We’re Here for You

When you owe the government money, you live your life completely in their crosshairs. That debt follows you everywhere and intrudes on every aspect of your life, from wage garnishments preventing you from having enough money to pay your bills and tax levies stopping you from completing crucial sales and purchases of real estate and other related things. Business tax liabilities are even worse, as unpaid taxes on your business can end up hamstringing your ability to make a living; all too often, unpaid business taxes can completely destroy your company for good, leaving you with massive debt to deal with — and without a livelihood to boot.This is why it’s so important to seek help when you’re in a situation like one of the examples above. Being in tax debt can be an isolating experience, one that can grind you down and leave you feeling both hopeless and helpless, unable to reach out and having no recourse but to suffer under the heel of the tax burden you owe to the government. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Don’t suffer in silence when you don’t have to — turn to the experts in the Greater San Jose Region to get the help you need. Whether you’re looking for a tax lien removal, a back taxes resolution, or business tax relief help, we’re ready and willing to get to work on your behalf. Let us work to clear your tax liabilities and get you back on the road to financial recovery and rehabilitation. Contact us today and we’ll show you just why we’re known as the federal tax resolution experts!

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