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How To Avoid A Surprise Tax Bill – And What To Do If You Get One

Tax filing season is here again, and millions of hardworking Americans are already dreaming of those fat refund checks. Unfortunately, many of them may be disappointed this year. The combination of recent changes to the tax law and updates to employer withholding tables have shrunk the size of tax refunds – and left some unlucky […]

How To Get Ready For A Tax Audit

Tax audit. It’s a phrase that can momentarily stop the heart of even the most even-keeled taxpayer. The thought of having our income taxes reviewed by the government and potentially having to pay an untold amount of additional taxes and penalties is frightening to most people. If you’re in the middle of an audit or […]

More Money, More Problems, More Taxes. 7 Celebrities Who’ve Had Tax Problems

7 Celebrities Who’ve Had Tax Problems

Celebrities often get preferential treatment, but that doesn’t apply with the IRS. When you make money, you’re going to get taxed one way or another and even an army of accountants and tax professionals couldn’t save these 7 celebrities from the taxman. Before we jump into it, if you or someone you know needs help […]

Small Business Owner: Owe Payroll Taxes? Here’s What To Do

Unpaid payroll taxes are a serious matter to the IRS and are some of the worst kind of back taxes you can owe. If you’re a small business owner with payroll tax problem, read on to learn what you can do to avoid the IRS crippling your business or worse, shut your business down completely. […]

These 3 Common Mistakes Can Get You Into Deep Tax Trouble

We’ve all heard the quote by Benjamin Franklin “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. Yet despite April 15th being on the calendar every single year, and March 15th for business, millions of people find themselves on the IRS hit list for failing to comply with a few […]

I Received A Notice Of Federal Tax Lien, What Is It And What Do I Do?

Not paying your taxes has serious consequences, and one of the worst ones is the federal government filing a legal claim against all property you currently own and property acquired in the future in the form of a federal tax lien. In this article, we’ll explain what a federal tax lien is and what you should […]

Owe Back Taxes? 3 Real Reasons You Need A Tax Resolution Professional NOW

Owing money to the IRS or State can be daunting, intimidating and throw your life out of whack. You might be tempted to just hide your head under a pillow, but ignoring your back taxes will only make the situation worse. Penalties and interest alone can bury you deeper so it’s important to take immediate […]

Taxes 101 – Year-End Tax Savings Strategies

Though our firm specializes in helping people resolve their IRS or State back tax problems, we also love saving money. After all, one of the best ways to avoid getting into tax trouble is to have a solid tax strategy to minimize your liabilities. The end of the year is the perfect time to review your finances, […]

Interesting IRS Stats: The IRS By The Numbers

what is a lien priority auburn ca

Here are some interesting IRS stats: -The Gettysburg address is 269 words, the Declaration of Independence is 1,337 words, and the Bible is only 773,000 words. However, the tax law has grown from 11,400 words in 1913 to 7 million words today. -The IRS sends out 8 billion pages of forms and instructions each year.  Laid end […]

Tax Questions Answered: November 2018

Question: I just received a letter form the IRS informing me they want to audit my 2017 income tax return. I really didn’t need this right now. What should I do?   Answer: First, take a deep breath knowing there is expert help available to you. As part of the IRS’s audit process they’ll ask you dozens of […]

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